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Mendoza Family

I adore the Mendoza family!! We had the best time during our first shoot last year, so getting the opportunity to work with them again was a special treat. I cannot believe how much Anthony, Sophia and Michael have grown! But what hasn’t changed is their obvious love for each other. They are such sweet siblings, and it was a delight to get my lens on their connection again. As a family, the Mendozas are game to try anything I ask of them during a session — and both times we’ve come away with beautiful, energetic, emotional photos. Yes!! To top it off, mom Celina did a fantastic job coordinating outfits. I love how the earth tones she chose are complemented by the field and the rooftops of the town in the background. Go Celina!

This shoot was special for so many reasons, but I have to mention one in particular. The Mendozas agreed to be my subjects during the filming of my new promotional video by Tiffany Hudson Films! I was so grateful to have this laid-back clan with me during the process, because I have to admit I was more than a bit nervous! I know that I tend to be very animated during my sessions (clients, you know what I mean — ha!), so I had some anxiety about how that would translate into the promo vid. But everything went smoothly. I just loved working with Tiffany — I can’t recommend her enough, and I cannot wait to see what she’s come up with for this video! I know that having this promo footage when I hit California is going to be so helpful. Thanks again to Tiffany Hudson Films and the Mendoza family for making it come together. And how’s this for a coincidence: Celina and Tony Mendoza are actually from the SoCal area that we’re moving to in the fall! Small world, indeed! Hope you enjoy these photos from their session.Once it’s finished, I’ll post it to this site and to Facebook, so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, here’s a little Behind the Scenes Teaser…

Lots of cuddles, lovely energy…the Mendoza family just rocks!

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