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Smith Family

Emily found me through her friend Amy, a preview awesome client of mine. I was super delighted! Right away I suspected that any friend of Amy’s would be an amazing person — and my suspicions proved absolutely true! Emily is bubbly, warm and adventurous, and it’s clear that her family is at the center of the love and excitement she exudes. Her husband Alex is living out his childhood dream of being a fighter pilot, with his high school sweetheart (yes, that’s Emily, who also used to be an engineer!!) by his side. They moved all over the states for Alex’s training, but finally found themselves in Germany in December of 2013. That’s when they welcomed Owen into the family. *smile* Owen was a year old when his mom and I first starting talking about a session. When I asked Emily to describe him, she mentioned that he ‘doesn’t like to waste his time sleeping’! Ha!!

This shoot was such a pleasure. Owen was on the go the whole time, doing the toddler thing — and I loved it! When working with kids Owen’s age, my focus is always on making the session as fun for them as possible. I never place expectations on my youngest ‘clients’ — I just want them play to their hearts’ content! This always seems to work out well for everyone, and results in some great shots every time. Emily and Alex were so sweet and warm throughout the shoot. I loved capturing these precious moments for them!

And to cap it all off, Emily was so kind as to leave me a glowing review on Facebook! This means a lot to me, especially because Emily herself is a hobbyist photographer. She complimented me in such a big way when she told me that I ‘capture real life and emotions’. Thank you, Emily! And thank you for introducing me to your beautiful family!

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