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Magles Family

Okay, y’all, I am seriously excited to share this session for so many reasons!

Beautiful momma Kim and I did quite a bit of planning before the actual day of the shoot. I loved collaborating with her! We talked a lot about the outfits for the family, but ultimately Kim developed the color scheme. And it just worked out beautifully! She really nailed the concept of coordinated-but-not-matching. (*Hint Hint* if you like her gorgeous green maxi skirt as much as I do, you can find it here!) Kim said that planning this session was almost as intense as planning a wedding, because having these photos meant so much to her. In the end, I think the attention to detail really paid off — they all just look like they are glowing!

Kim was initially a little nervous about how a shoot with five kids would go down, but everyone was a dream. Elijah, Micaiah, Selah, Rebekah and Judah were such dolls — loving, sweet and well-behaved. (Kim and DJ, I meant what I said: you should write a parenting book!)

I adore the photos of the children, of course. But I have to admit that of all the shots, some of my favorites are of Kim and DJ. The love these two share is undeniable, and it’s always important to me to capture that in family sessions. I was so happy to snap some of the cuddle time DJ enjoyed with his wife. Oh, and do I have any Bachelor fans reading? Well, DJ laughs exactly like Chris Soules from Season 19! I am obsessed with that laugh! Ha!

When all was said and done, the hands-down best part of this session was sharing the video below with Kim and DJ. The expressions on their faces as they watched meant the world to me. Kim even shed some happy tears, which I think means I did my job well.


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