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DeCoster Family

I’ve met so many wonderful people through “I Want to Shoot My Kids”, the photography class I offer for parents. My students and I always seem to have a blast, laughing together (a lot!) as we cover basic techniques and camera care. Sometimes, those students will go on to become new clients for me as well — which is absolutely wonderful! And that’s exactly what happened with Luit. She took my class this winter, and decided to book a session for her family soon after. Luit is sweet, beautiful and genuine — and still crazy in love with Allan, her husband of ten years!

The DeCosters and I shared a fine morning together in Germany, and I was so delighted to photograph them with their son Aidan. Such a pleasure! The pride and joy that Luit and Allan take in Aidan was evident throughout the session. They told me that his birth is one of their favorite life moments, and it’s easy to see why. This little guy is a sweetheart! I loved how we were able to coax giggles from him…and he flirted with me so much! His smile is absolutely infectious, as I think you’ll see from the shots below.

Allan was so great. I adore it when Dads really get into the session and love on their families wholeheartedly. Allan took every opportunity I gave him to cuddle with Luit (and Aidan too, of course!). I remember that my favorite tree was full of cherries that morning, and Allan and Aidan had a lot of fun picking them off and chowing down — a sweet added benefit of shooting outdoors!

Hope y’all enjoy this sampling of photos from their session…

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