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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hey y'all!

I love blogging about sessions with my clients, but I just had to take the opportunity to share a little bit about my family's recent adventures in Croatia. Oh. My. Gosh. Dubrovnik is now my favorite city!

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you're probably already familiar with this stunning location -- but just don't know it! While it was interesting to learn that parts of the HBO show are shot there, I personally fell in love with Dubrovnik for its breathtaking views and super-sweet, friendly people. We arrived in early April, so the weather was a little bit bi-polar (very cold to begin with, then warm, warm, warm!), but it was so nice to be there during the 'off season'. Very relaxed -- no hustle and bustle.

Our apartment (click here to check it out!) was an absolute dream, with a balcony overlooking picturesque Old Town. The only downfall of staying in an apartment right on the coast is that you have to take lots of stairs to get home. It was great exercise, but after a full day of exploring, the uphill climb was a little daunting.

Speaking of exploring, one day we stumbled upon Café Buza -- a cliff bar nestled against the wall of the city and just steps from the sea. The servers were so friendly and incredibly sweet to Henry in particular, serving him a juice box (on the house)!

We were lucky to get to take several tours on this trip. The Walls and Wars tour through Dubrovnik Walks was especially fascinating, and actually very moving. Our tour guide was a native Croatian and a child during the war. She spoke about her experiences so eloquently. The day tour to Montenegro had us traveling through some beautiful country as well. Henry didn't always have the attention span for these jaunts, but I was usually able to cure his boredom by giving him a camera. What can I say? He loves to take photos just like his mom! (He also loved the wild kitty cats that make the streets of Dubrovnik their home -- he'd probably tell you that was his favorite part of the trip. Ahh!)

We did so much, and I wish I could mention it all. But I do have to give a special shout-out to TripAdvisor. We used their app to choose all our restaurants and were never let down.

This was absolutely the trip of a many great memories. I cannot wait to go back!

xoxo - Jess

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