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Our time in Germany will come to a close before we know it, so we are now in the “let’s visit everything we possibly can before we leave” time crunch. Brandon has been TDY to the Czech Republic and brought me back a Prague Starbucks mug. Thank you for the mug sweetie, but I want to go to Prague myself! So we did it, finally, and we loved every minute! We stayed at the Hilton Prague Old Town. It is located in a prefect spot within walking distance of Old Town, New Town, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. We spent our first day exploring, but our day was cut short since Henry was sick. Thankfully his fever broke that night, so Sunday we took a Grand City Tour of all the popular sites. I love the tours because they give you so much history about every spot and point out things you would have missed.

Here is a little tip….do not go into the Wax Museum! It advertised a Harry Potter and a Spiderman in the window, so Henry desperately wanted to go inside. The wax museum might as well have been a haunted house because it was freaky. You walk down a narrow staircase into the murky basement where grumpy looking “old timey” men are drinking beer, sitting around tables with their scowled faces, and doing other things that I can’t remember because I was freaking out inside because it was all extremely creepy. I tried to keep it to myself so that my fears would not rub off on Henry, but regardless, he sensed the inadvertent creepiness. I must add, there are street performers throughout the city that pretend to be statues and then “come to life” when you walk near them. I’m sure poor Henry thought that any second these creepy wax figures were going to “wake up” and grab him. I was thinking it, too!! The wax figures were really playing tricks on my brain and I really regret not photographing it for proof. So after the first section of weird wax dolls, we turn a corner and the walls leading to the next room have gravestones painted all over them. Whaaaaat? I did not like where this was headed. Henry sees the walls and has a melt down yelling “Get me out of here! I want to leave!” I wanted to leave too, honestly! After the “old timey” section was over, we entered an even weirder wax doll presentation. There is a row of bad guys (Stalin and others) sitting down behind a railing and then in the corner is a glass case containing a screaming Hitler. It was absolutely terrifying! It was so terrifying Henry drew this picture that night depicting our visit:

Nowhere in this wax museum was there anything kid friendly, yet they sure did advertise it. So do not go in there unless you want to see what I’m talking about and you can laugh along with me.

Here are photos from our trip.

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