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If you have been following my blog during the past month, you know my mother in law was in town for a visit. We had a hard time deciding and narrowing down what we would take her to see & do. Luckily, we decided to travel to one of the most magical places I have ever been….Garmisch, Germany! We stayed in the Edelweiss Lodge, which is a military resort located in the Bavarian Alps. We loved it. It had the comforts of an American establishment, but the Garmisch village is right outside of the gates so you were still experiencing Germany. During our visit, we explored the Garmisch village and took the Neuschwanstein Castle tour…it was perfect. Neuschwanstein is full of interesting history and was Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Disney castle. The interior of the castle was spectacular and it killed me that it was against the rules to take pictures. I highly recommend the tour. We not only visited the castle, but we stopped at a fun wood carving shop, a beautiful church, and the food stops were phenomenal. I love the tours because they take you to places you would not think to visit…at least I would not. Let me note, I am not an enthusiastic trip planner. That is a task I do not mind spending more money on to save me the headache…tours are perfect for me. I seriously cannot wait for our next trip to Garmisch & Edelwiess!

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