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Your family is fun, loving, and snuggles often.  In your home, there is always laughter to be heard and hugs to be given.


You take pride in living a full, beautiful life and strive to make every day count.


But time is going by too quickly.  You get lost in the shuffle of daily life and sometimes have to force yourself to slow down and be in the moment.


You wish there was more time for cuddling and more time to soak in your family, because you know that in the blink of an eye, your babies will be grown.


You look through your photo albums on the computer and although you do a wonderful job of capturing the daily moments, you are missing your favorite moments…the moments of your kids with you.


You want to be in the picture for a change, so your children can remember how you hugged them tightly, looked at them with twinkling eyes, and laughed with them until your cheeks hurt.


You want an album that you can touch with your hands and pass around to the family, but where will you find the time for this project?


You want beautiful artwork of your families happy faces on your walls, but where will you find the time to design your wall gallery?


If this resonates with you, I offer what you need.



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