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5 Tips for Choosing Your Photographer

1. Experience

Look through a photographer’s gallery and ensure they have a healthy portfolio. Seasoned photographers know how to emulate their style over and over again with every client. An experienced photographer knows how to bring out the best in a subject. Choose someone who specializes in the genre of photography you desire to ensure success.


2. Personality

The emotional connection is important. You may love a photographer’s work, but could be missing a connection to the person. You should hire someone who will be easy to work with and can make you feel relaxed in front of the camera. Everyone has different personalities and you can learn about the photographer through their writing or by chatting with them on the phone. Some photographers are more mellow and calm and others are bubbly and energetic. One photographer may have mastered the sweet, serene moments, while another has mastered the happy, enthusiastic moments. Consider which personality will connect most with your family.


3. Candid versus Traditional

Traditional photographers focus on posing and ensuring everyone looks perfect and while smiling at the camera. Candid photography is a more natural approach to capturing natural moments. Some photographers are somewhere in the middle, capturing both traditional and candid moments. Consider these differences when you are viewing a photographer’s portfolio. Choose someone with work that draws you in and someone that presents photos the way you want your family captured.


4. Studio versus Outdoors

Studio photographers offer sessions inside a studio, usually with artificial light. Some photographers own natural light studios.  Studio sessions prevent the hassle of maybe having to reschedule due to inclement weather.  Outdoor, on-location photographers photograph in fields, cities, mountains…everywhere!  Outdoors you are free to run around, be loud (in most locations), play, and explore.  It is essential to plan what type of location, studio or outdoors, will showcase your family best.


5. Style

All of the factors above (experience, personality, and photographic preference) plus gear choice and editing style culminate a photographer’s style. Photographers spend years perfecting their vision and how they enjoy capturing their subjects. Make sure what you see in your photographers portfolio is how you want your family captured.


Bottom line, you should trust your heart! Go with a photographer whose images move you. If you feel a connection viewing your photographer’s work, you know you have found someone great.


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